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About Laura Knight

Entrepreneurs, Start-Ups, Solopreneurs,
Established Business Owners!
If want to learn new skills, improve existing skills, have more control over the
content & copy your company relies on, want to save significant money
in writing fees, or just want to Do It Yourself--for whatever reason...
Welcome to Knight Business Solutions!
As a trained and experienced copywriter, whether in-house, agency or freelance,
I know how expensive it is to hire good, talented writers for your business—
the skilled writers that create content for results.

Unfortunately, the businesses and companies that need that
kind of writing expertise are often the ones without the budget to cover it.
And going ‘cheap’ at a content mill is a hit or miss gamble.
You’re likely to get what you pay for there.
I won’t waste time trying to convince anyone of the real value in good writing.
If you don’t get it, you aren’t likely to figure it out in this quick post.
But if you DO get it, you see & understand that good content is what drives your revenues—DIRECTLYmore than anything else you do in business.

Want to learn how to create content yourself? Then you are in the right place.
I’m Laura Knight and I've left the Corporate World to help YOU
Learn the Language of Leadership & Deliberate Communication
in Business...(with all of its secrets)!
Get 'A-List' Copywriter Skills & Over 25 Years of Experience Working for YOU!
**(at a fraction of the cost for a pro copywriter—agency OR freelance!)

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