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Previews of my creative works (story chapters, video teasers, etc.). You also get a super thank you!

    Naming Day

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    Ever wanted to know what your epithet would be if you were an immortal Greek god/goddess? Wonder no longer! You get everything in the previous tier and I’ll create an Ancient Greek epithet for you, based off information you give me.


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      I’ll write a short story for you! Maximum is 2000 words, or about 4 pages. You’ll also get everything in the previous tiers. Also, if you want a few sentences translated into Ancient Greek/Latin, I can do that.




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        About Kobanya

        I’m the creator of shitpostingoveryonder, AAVEducation, and Myth on Fleek. I’ve created this Patreon to allow me to improve those blogs, as well as give people an option to support my writing monthly, instead of a one-time donation via Paypal or Ko-Fi.
        The maximums listed on the reward tiers are per month, e.g. if you pledge at the “Ficlet” tier, each month I’ll write a 4000-word story for you.
        $0 of $100 per creation
        Oh boy, a money cushion! Once we hit this goal, I’ll start creating videos for the WOY blog at least once a month.
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