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About Kol He'Chalutz

How do we take responsibility for the Jewish world and shape the surrounding society for the better?
We meet people that are doing just that - building a better world based on Jewish values such as solidarity, peace, tolerance and empathy.
Our project is dedicated to all those who are struggling for the future of the Jewish people and a more just world.
As well as our podcast and social media outlets we are working on building up our website, to make it interactive and provide much more in depth information on the issues that we cover. We are committed to making our contet available to everyone, so we don't put anything behind a paywall. But the more supporters we have more we will be able to do: we will be able to make our podcast better quality, better researched and more frequent, we will be able to make more videos, we will be able to pay for research materials, we will be able to fund design of the website, design and market Kol Ha'Chalutz merchandise and potentially we will be able to fund additional research to uncover more unknown stories.
Our supporters will help us keep this project going, and will get early access to special podcast episodes, plus bonus audio and other benefits.
So we would love you to join us.

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