is creating a permaculture paradise

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Food for a week

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I don't require a lot of food and I'm very good at budgeting, but I do need to eat.

I could do it even cheaper but I don't have a freezer or reliable refrigeration.
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Tank of Propane

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This tier will allow me to refill one of my propane tanks.
I use propane mainly for cooking.
I do have a small propane heater which I try to only use for brief moments.
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Refill Gas Tanks

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Here in California gas is nearly $5 / gallon.

It now costs me over $80 to refill my car and a 5 gallon gas can.

This will help to refill my gas tanks. Thank you
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About Kolomona

I have stumbled upon a unique opportunity to create a permaculture paradise!
I am documenting my progress at https://libresults.com.
I need your help to make my dream a reality.
I am building nearly everything from what is already on the land.
I plan on doing some earth works, animal husbandry, wild crafting, and foraging on my 8.5 acres near Fiddletown California.

I'm currently off-grid and learning how to survive in a very minimalistic manner.

I don't really understand Patreon just yet, so the tiers I set up have no additional perks. I will likely add some as I become more familiar. If you have any ideas for what I should use as additional benefits please let me know.

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