Wioletta Kotwicka is creating Painting, drawing

$1 /mo
Yay! You like my art and decided to become my patron! I'm very happy and grateful. Please, enjoy my art.

$5 /mo
For 5$, once in a month I'll choose randomly one person who get pencil portrait. I'm also very grateful, because you're fantastic.

$10 /mo
That is amazing, you are amazing, I must stop using this word. Okey, for 10$ you can suggest me topic of my next painting, and ofc you can recive pencil portrait too.
And maybe... how about prin...

$20 /mo
You are a great patron, how cool is that? You can earn pencil portrait, you can suggest me something. What else? Is you have favourite art of mine, I can send you good quality print!
Also, I can...

$50 /mo
Ho ho ho! Is that Christmas? For 50$ there is a painting for you every month. You can choose what do you want or get it randomly.