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  • This helps so much more than I can express! I'm honestly flattered anyone would pledge any amount of money.
  • You'll get access to exclusive art by Pasu. She decided she doesn't want to post pony arts anymore, but said I can share stuff she does based on my stories here.
  • You'll also get a snazzy role if you join my Discord server, and access to a Patron only channel that full disclosure probably won't be super interesting ^^'
  • The server itself is cool though, double pinkie swear!
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  • I'm not sorry for the cliche title
  • Patrons of this tier will get access to EPUB and MOBI versions of all my stories, and PDF versions of anything that I've formatted for print (which will eventually be everything).
  • If you want another format, let me know and I'll probably be able to do it.
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  • Patrons of this tier will get early access to whatever act is currently updating on Fimfiction before the first chapter of it ever goes live.
  • This means you'll periodically get one large bulk update of all the chapters in a particular act.
  • Everything will be completely edited as it will eventually appear on Fimfiction.
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About Krickis

Howdy y'all ^^ Since you must have gotten here somehow, we're gonna take it as a given that you know who I am. And if you've been following me for a while, you'll know that I write a lot. The reason is that I don't actually consider my writing of fanfiction to be a hobby, I consider it part of my eventual writing career. Specifically, it's basically like an internship – I'm spending hours on end writing, so that someday I'll have the experience and ability to make a living with it.

Obviously, I don't plan on making that living through Patreon. Authors don't typically make a livable wage here, and that's fine. But my current income is pretty far below "modest", and earning something on the side would definitely help keep me from having to work more and thus keep me writing.

That said, I went into this without any expectations of financial compensation. I'm going to continue writing with or without a successful Patreon, so there's no need to feel obligated into doing anything. Hell, if all I get is a few dollars a month, that'll be the ability to get myself some sort of treat to keep me motivated ^^
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We've hit enough to get fancy =O That monthly illustration will turn into a full color/shaded picture at this point.
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