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I can't thank you enough for pledging.  You know full well that whatever you send my way goes to the development of more work.  You will have access to livestreams of the animation process.



About Krinkels

Hey there, Krinkels here.  I have been working closely with Swain in the ongoing development of Project Nexus 2, during the 'off-hours' (evenings and weekends) however, I have been supplementing my income with commission artwork.  What I would like to do is change my workflow to involve the creation of Madness cartoons instead. 

If you are unfamiliar with the Madness Combat series, give it a look!  It can all be seen at the birthplace of the series on Newgrounds:

Flash animation isn't a financially sustainable endeavor these days, which is what pushed me into the situation I am in now.  While working as a freelance artist on the side has not only paid the bills, but also increased my skills as an artist, it's been too long since I have been able to help keep a roof over my head while working on animations.  What I am hoping to achieve here is to cover a portion of my cost of living so that I can spend my 'second job' time working on animations like the good old days.  Thank you for your consideration, and having read this far.

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