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Thanks for your pledge! You get access to my current works-in-progress web page (requires password). You will also be able to view Patreon posts which list the Google Docs page where I will more or...

Give the Author a Poke

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In addition to access to the writing process page, you get to take part in a  random monthly drawing to determine Kris's writing focus for the month (except for work on Peter is the Wolf, which tak...

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Thanks very much for your pledge! In addition to previous tiers, you get a commitment of at least 5,000 words or story completion, whichever comes first, of the current project or a writing prompt ...

Me Am Mary Sue

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Thanks VERY much! I will write your original character or yourself into a story, either in a current project (if feasible) or a new one! (Note: please no adult self-insert requests, please, as that...