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Kulton The Maker brings everything and more to the table. Despite a rough start, he's risen above to become not only a singer-songwriter but an audio engineer, and founder of 518Films.
Radios were playing "Blue Skies No Limits" on repeat as the summer heat set in on the Brooklyn streets when Kulton The Maker entered this world. With each passing year, life got a little bit harder for him. Moving what little he had more often than not around the New York City boroughs with his grandparents never allowed him to call one address home for long. While he lacked a permanent place to rest his head, his grandparents made sure to shed what little light they could on their grandson. His grandmother taught him to read and write before kindergarten, and his
former DJ grandfather gifted him his first instrument. Those two gifts allowed Kulton
to pen his first song by the tender age of seven.

Music was where Kulton found solace. This especially came into play when he hit his teenage years. Born with labyrinths, he was left completely deaf in one ear. The handicap presented a number of problems that he'd eventually overcome but when it led him to be held back in eighth grade, he was floored. Being held back alongside teachers who emotionally beat him down saying he'd never make it anywhere because of his race and economic status resulted in a battle with depression.

To overcome the sadness, he turned to music. It had always been there for him, but at that time it was lifesaving. He began writing and expanding his knowledge of not only music but everything from poetry to sculpting to eventually film making. Music though was at the forefront. Growing up he'd been inspired by the way Lil Wayne brought music to life, and also with how Michael Jackson's music was able to move so many. He took those inspirations and teamed it with what he learned from his past struggles and his drive to create music that uplifts, empowers, and entertains.

On top of what Kulton The Maker has done and continues to do with music, he's also a sought after filmmaker who has started his own company; 518Films. Marrying his love of music and film, he started creating music videos for others. His skills landed him in Lady Moon & The Eclipse's sight. The indie R&B Cosmic Soul band hired Kulton the maker and from there he's worked with an array of New York City talent including Roc Nation's Young Paris on "Jungle."

His life may have had rough patches at every turn, but Kulton has come through to prove his strength and character. His filmmaking has led to a successful company creating music videos for numerous talents, and his music has landed him on stages throughout New York City, including at the 9th Annual o+ Festival in Kingston. With 2019 he plans on releasing a new music project entitled Catch A Feelin, and shopping around labels.
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