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Why hello there
I’m Jordan, a disabled and queer writer who has stories in  Beneath Ceaseless SkiesApex, and Strange Horizons. I was an Apex first reader, and am a member of Columbus Writeshop and PAWs. In the past four years, I have been selected for both Futurescapes and the Kenyon Review Writers Workshop in Fiction.

Why am I on Patreon?

As a full-time disabled person, I am on a fixed income, which has recently been cut. For years, my partner and I ran on a maintenance budget, while dipping into our savings. Our savings is gone, and with my funding being cut, I need to find other sources of income.

This is where Patreon comes in. With your help, I could climb back up to my former income, and you could get some great content in the process. I really appreciate all your support!

What do you get from me?

  • $1 Tier: A Patreon Exclusive picture of my service dog Stella (with a message from her included). 
  • $2 Tier: Art & snippets of works in progress or published work! Drawings or cartoons of characters/scenes from upcoming or established pieces, plus a little bit of the work that inspired it!
  • $3 Tier: The adventures of a guitar playing ogre and her goblin stabby friend. They're traveling with two gay orcs through an underground cave system to find the greatest treasure their world has ever known. But it’s all gone wrong, hasn’t it? Oh yes, it has.
  • $5 Tier: Process Posts. Where I talk about writing. Everything from how I write stories, to how I compose fight scenes, to how I organize my writing work day by day. If you're geeky about process, this is the tier for you.

Stretch goals?! Everyone loves stretch goals!

At $100 we’ll open up another non-fiction tier about writing and mental health. What it’s like to write as a person disabled from mental illness/writing about mental illness/managing mental health and writing. You know, the easy stuff.

And at $150, we'll open up another short story tier!! More on that once we get closer.

Thanks for stopping by my Patreon.

And thanks for throwing a little love my way! I really admire your willingness to help creative people making a living at what they do. Or just give a little bit back for what we love to do. It's a great endeavor and service, and you have so so so much of my gratitude.
<3 <3 <3
- Jordan Kurella

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At $100 I'll add another non-fiction tier. This time about mental health and writing. I am disabled from a good-hand of mental health disorders, and I also used to be a therapist. I'll spend these posts talking about how I manage my mental health with writing; how I manage my disability; how I write about mental illness; etc.
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