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About Kurgol

LARPer, Gamer and SysOp. I am studying a degree in Computer Science and work full time in systems infrastructure. I am a host for Lave Radio. You can find my software projects on GitHub. Yes, that's me in the armour!

I upload some lets play videos to YouTube and I broadcast live on Twitch (whatever I happen to be playing at the time, usually Elite: Dangerous, Blood Bowl 2 or SWGEmu).

I play Elite: Dangerous and I am a member of the Lave Radio podcast, we broadcast on Tuesdays at 20:30. I can occasionally be found flying with The Lucky Rocket Privateers, 8th Dragon Squadron, Mobius and various other player groups.

I occasionally play Blood Bowl with the UKBBL and FUMBBL. I am also registered with the NAF (Kurgol | 20423). I moderate JimmyFantastic's twitch channel, my favourite place to watch the blood flow.

I am the guild leader for the Sons of Sarlacc < S-O-S > and mayor of Lamentation on Dantooine. Swing by the Sons of Sarlacc Discord if you are interested in joining. We area also looking for more residents to grow Lamentation (guild membership not required).

I used to play Planetside 2 on Miller as Frith, previously [KOTV] and [RPS].

I contributed the Necromunda patches to the Kill Teams, expanding it beyond Shadow War Armageddon, current development is ongoing.

I was the maintainer of the iOS version of Samba Action Calculator.

You can find me on my Discord or buy me a coffee.