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Neko Ni Koban
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Hello DARKNESS, my old friend… :}

This coin (hence..."your soul") is in dire need, by contributing it to me, it's like signing a deal with, ….the Devil (seriously, I’m like that powerful) 

Welcome to the Valley of Death you lewd feline-loving friends and Thanks for your support

  • Access to my general Patron-only feed 
  • Know of Cosplans and Con Appearances here first-hand
  • View my art first-hand before I list for it sell! (I call dibs!)
  • Be a Nekomusume member! ( Blood in, Blood Out style )

The Darkness is now tickling your soul with a feather my friend...

… p.s. (you can keep the feather) “Nya-Nya”

Gym Rata
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Whip It, Whip It Good!

As you all may know, I was consistently hitting the Gym everyday to try to reach the body of my dreams, and recently I injured myself from a skateboarding accident that rendered me incapable of continuing that journey, until now

This tier is for those who want to help fuel the fire and drive i have for reaching that beautiful body image of my dreams 2019! 

  • Unlocks general Patreon feed plus all previous rewards
  • Daily Gym Selfies & vids from my phone of Routine/Form! 
  • Body progress selfies EVERYDAY! (not just my weekly update)
  • Possible Gym sessions for those near me!

This is a special tier for my Gym RAT enthusiasts, I look forward to catching you at a gym near me! This Nekomusume Queen is on the hunt for that lewd luscious dream body! This is a win-win for all! “Meeeeoooooow”  =^-^=

Show ME Your Kitties
per month

Loads and Loads of pictures! 

All my photography, some with, some without me but all goodies 

search #KvtherinaPhotography on IG for more



About Kvtherina

 Welcome Newcomers and Supporters! =^-^=
My name is Kathy Cash, and no I'm not related to Johnny! 

Patreon is a platform, for my fans, that will allow you to support and see ALL the content I create  first-hand and is no way needed to view my content, some content will be available thru my various social media outlets!  Feel free to click the links and follow below!

TwitterInstagram | Twitch | 

ME: Mother and female freelance artist with an obsession of everything kittens and anime!
so....why not combine the two?! I also love to Stream, Game and Cosplay and Model!
so catch me live daily on my 
Twitch! I would love to be able to travel, cosplay and sell my art at various conventions and someday open a shop of my own! This will be available once I grow my army of darkness! Your support will seriously make these creative dreams a reality for me!

I am the Nekomusume Queen <3 (Kat Queen) meeoow! ;p

My goal is to travel and work towards sharing my art as pins, stickers shirts, and prints into creating my dream team of demented NekoGirl Cuties to form the biggest cat lover Gang there is, One day i'll be able to put my prints on shirts and also SEND MORE LEWDS

  Nekomusume Members General Guidelines

☆ All Pledges are processed immediately upon pledging. (no take backs!)

☆ Anyone found creating a toxic environment for myself, and/or other Nekomusume members, will be blocked and NOT refunded.

☆If you have any questions regarding your subscription, rewards or anything Patreon related, please feel free to send me a message! :D

All content is published and produced as seemed fit and kvtherina refuses the right to be deemed obligated by anyone to produce and create as so...

By Pledging, you acknowledge that you comprehend terms and conditions.

All rewards given serve as my gratitude to you for your support
Thank you all so much from the depths of my cold black heart!

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I am going to be creating a new tier for peachy lewds and i would love to at least have enough patrons here for me to be able to continue improving on my body goals, whether its new tattoos, piercings, and body mods for you all to enjoy! Once again I thank everyone who continuously supports me thru the upcoming months! Love ya Gang!! 
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