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SHEET MUSIC! Support for just $1 and gain access to sheet music from videos on my YouTube channel! These include arrangements I have created myself, found online and arranged for flute, etc. See the description for available sheet music.

You'll also receive access to the patron-only feed that features special updates, videos, pictures, etc! This is your backstage pass to what no one else gets to see like pictures of my creative process, spontaneous videos, quick updates of what I’m up to and a great chance for you to engage with me as a supporter of my videos!

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  • Announcements of the song choice for the next video as soon as it’s picked.
  • Personal thank you message on Twitter (be sure to leave your Twitter handle)
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  • Access to weekly videos from me with updates on the progress for the next video/song, my journey, and whatever thoughts or questions that may be on my mind that day. It could be funny, motivational, thought-provoking, it could even be about what iOS games I'm playing right now…who knows!
  • Personal thank-you video for being my patron (sent to your email)
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  • I will release a karaoke track OR the isolated flute track (depending on the type of song and arrangement) for each month’s video from now on. As of right now, these tracks are only available on Patreon exclusively for the $10+ patrons!
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  • Your name displayed in the scrolling credits at the end of each monthly video.
  • Monthly Google Hangout with Brooke & I for an hour. Topics are open to discussion, but are limited to our discretion. We can talk about our creative process, plans for the future, our favorite bands, best places to eat in Hartford… we’ll see!
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  • A walk-through video of each filming location, set-up, and storyline, posted the same day(s) of filming.
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  • BE MY PRODUCER: You’ll get access to video and audio content as it’s being recorded and/or edited. This could include small pieces of the song or clips of video. Help me make the videos better by giving me feedback and let me know how I can improve on it or any other thoughts you have about what I send.
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  • I will send an original copy of the sheet music or chart used for a video of your choosing (provided I still have it available). It will be complete with my notes, scribbles, etc. I will also write a personalized message and sign it.




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About Kyle L. Pickard

Hello, everybody!

Sheet Music Available:

Popular Sheet Music: 
Braveheart Theme [from Braveheart]
In Dreams [from Lord of the Rings]
Closer - The Chainsmokers [Flute A Cappella Original Arrangement]

ALL Sheet Music: 
A Thousand Years - Christina Perri [Teacher Valerie Sheets]
Across The Stars [from Star Wars]
Braveheart Theme [from Braveheart]
Closer - The Chainsmokers [Flute A Cappella Original Arrangement]
Edge of Night [from The Lord of the Rings]
I Need Some Sleep - The Eels
Imagine - John Lennon [Flute Quartet]
It Ain't Me - Kygo ft. Selena Gomez
May It Be [from The Lord of the Rings]
Midna's Lament [from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess]
You Are Loved (Don't Give Up) - Josh Groban
Zelda's Lullaby [from Legend of Zelda]

I post videos on YouTube on the second Friday of every month. I am a musician & audio engineer and I generally post flute covers, but will occasionally post guitar or piano work and original content. A couple examples of my past work are below!



Snap me, I dare you!

About Patreon:

This platform is AMAZING! This allows generous people like you who believe in my work to support me and get rewards in return! For every video I upload, you can choose to donate a certain amount of money to me, and based on the amount you donate, different rewards are available to you that can be seen in the side banner!

Please consider donating a dollar (or more) for every music video that I upload to YouTube.
While I post one video a month, I will also be posting extra content, such as behind the scenes videos and vlogs. I WILL NOT COLLECT ON THIS CONTENT, only the main music video that I post on the second Friday of the month.

About Me:

I absolutely love playing and producing music and will continue to create content whether you donate or not, but your support will only make it better. I will continue to bring the best quality and production I possibly can every single month. Honesty and authenticity are huge for me, and I have vowed to myself to never delete the first videos that are admittedly not my best work because it’s important for me to show that everyone has to start somewhere. That being said, you can go all the way back in my YouTube video history and see the first video I ever posted (insert cringing emoji), which is here:

While I have some collaborators that help out with my videos occasionally, I am proud to say that I am personally responsible for conceptualizing, arranging, recording, mixing, mastering, video production, editing, engineering, releasing, and marketing of my content.

Where Your Money Goes:

1) Your support helps me cover travel costs to see the ones that mean the most to me. I am currently long distance from my entire family, including my brothers/sisters, parents, and grandparents, who are scattered all across the country. Family comes first.
2) You help pay my bills. I cannot sugarcoat this at all. Taking away the stress of paying bills every month is extremely helpful and allows me to continue making new content every month that you want to see.
3) Your support allows me to become more creative and professional with my videos. Without you, creating content becomes much more difficult and limited. I will continue creating content regardless, but you allow me to make them better and better every time.

I am so thankful you are here whether you are choosing to donate or not and your support means the world to me. Please continue to look for my new videos and if you choose to donate, check out the rewards in the side column to decide what rewards you would like to receive!

Some FAQ:
How many videos will you release a month? Just one. Every second Friday of the month will bring a new video to you! You can also set a monthly maximum limit so that you never tip more than you can afford.
Do I have to pay in a certain currency? You can pay in any currency. Patreon is a U.S.-based website and will therefore show everything in dollars, but whatever you choose to donate will be automatically converted.
Can I stop donating if I can no longer afford it? Of course! Please do not ever feel obligated to donate. If you want to donate less in the future, this is also possible. This is all possible by logging in. From there, you can change/cancel your donation.

$18 of $30 per video
I'm so excited to start this community with you all! So glad to have this page started! :) Join now and help me reach the first goal!
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