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About Kylie Chan

Hi there! I'm Kylie Chan, an Australian writer of Fantasy and Science Fiction based on the Gold Coast.

My books are successful in my home country of Australia, and I’ve been shortlisted many times for awards in my country. Not so much overseas. This means that although I’m popular and well-known here, I don’t have the same sort of profile (and success) elsewhere. Australia has a small population (and book-buying market) so this dramatically affects my earnings.

I’m making enough to live on as a full-time writer: I’m not rich but I’m getting by. (I make much less than most people think I do. If I worked nine-to-five I’d be bringing in minimum wage. This isn’t really relevant, though, because 1. It’s a fourteen-hour-day and 2. I don’t really consider it work.)

This Patreon is to provide additional income for me to implement two projects:
  • 1. Travel to the places I need to go to bring locations to life. One obvious place I need to go is Uluru (I’ve never been there!). I need to go to Europe and investigate more sites for the Simone spinoff. Some extra income will help me to do this!
  • 2. Allow me to travel to more conventions. I had an excellent relationship with Oz Comic-Con in the past, but the con was sold to a big corporation, and they immediately cancelled Perth and Adelaide when they took over. I’d love to continue to do conventions, but it’s not economically feasible (even when I sell my own books) – particularly when it’s Perth or Adelaide. This Patreon will give me the ability to choose which conventions I want to do, and maybe even do some cons overseas! If this works out and I do end up at cons, top-tier supporters can come along to the con, sit behind the table with me if you like, and spend the day.
The Simone spinoff is on the way and I'm doing regular posts of its progress to have the Emma and John story back in print and, as the Jade Emperor said, ‘follow their antics’.
$431.01 of $1,000 per month
This will allow me to start attending conventions throughout the year, including more distant ones such as Adelaide and Perth.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 104 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 104 exclusive posts

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