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About Kyouti

The 'Kat

Hello everyone and thank you for visiting my Patreon!

I am an amateur furry artist that wants to give a chance for anyone who happens to like my work to support my efforts in creating more and better content. I mainly draw  NSFW furry homoerotic content that includes vore. You can see my FA gallery over HERE.


I have been drawing furry and vore off and on for the last few years. As I continue to improve, I wanted to give the community a chance to more directly drive what content I experiment with and ultimately post to my gallery. Your participation and support work as incredible incentive to keep practicing and to adhere to an art schedule.


In general you can expect mostly male cartoony animals eating each other. Every week I will be posting several sketches and/or colored pieces usually containing vore of some sort. There will be a mix of "SFW" and NSFW material.


The Dollar Club (1 USD) can see all "SFW" sketches and completed pics. (No dangly bits.)
The Kit Kat Sinners (5 USD) can see most SFW and NSFW sketches and completed pics.
The Kit Kat Degenerates (10 USD) can see ALL SFW and NSFW sketches and completed pics. (Think 'dirtier' kinks and vore aftermaths.)
All tiers will have access to the .pngs of uploaded images they can see.

How This Works

I will post a few sketches and or completed pics a week as they are completed. These will include commissions, gift art, and personal pieces that I complete. The pictures will be posted here and then eventually up on my other galleries.

$33 of $300 per month
If I reach $300 a month, I will work to turn more of my sketches into full completed pictures. Additionally I will post the .psd/.clip files.
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