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About Kyrah Abattoir

I have been an avid gamer since childhood and a programmer/3D artist most of my adult life. Some of you might know me for my work as a content creator on Second Life.

KyrahGame is a 3D, first person, multiplayer, role-playing game in a dystopian space-themed universe.

I want to create something that captures many aspects of games like ss13, but in an adult friendly setting. A game that can provide complex systems, robust combat and is a good medium for social interactions, in persistent play sessions of a few hours at a time.

Who else is working on this project?
It's just me.

Why do these screenshots look horribly dated?
I'm aiming for a late PSX early PS2 graphic style. Both out of nostalgia, and as a practical solution: It makes optimization a little less critical and means that I can spend less time creating models and more time writing code.

Where do I get the game?

As it is, it barely qualifies as a game. I currently have a small group of alpha testers for this purpose.

What do you imply by "adult friendly"?
One of the long term milestones for KyrahGame is to empower players to create vibrant tragedies, and I believe that in order to achieve this goal to it's full extent, explicit interactions have to be part of the roleplaying toolset.

I completely understand that exploring topics such as carnal desire, substance abuse, but also the horrors of rape, torture, and slavery might be a hard limit for some people. But that's fine, there are many other games out there that they can play.

I'm creating something special and ultimately flawed, without compromises for the sake of a hypothetical audience and without filters.

No one has to play KyrahGame, you have to conciously choose to do so.

How to get involved:
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Alpha Server

I'd rather wait until the game is more fleshed out before running a server but if this many people are interested I can probably make an effort.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts

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