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As'salamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu

As you guys know that YouTube has been targeting Islamic videos and channels to be falsely taken down, flagged, give them strikes or even terminate the channel with no valid reasons (as it has happened to few other channels so far). We've got several of our videos taken down due to someone falsely flagging our videos. We've even gotten a false copyright strike on our channel few months ago, Alhamdulillah it has been cleared up but YouTube did not give any reasons for this, even though our channel has never promoted hate speech, violence towards others or showed any inappropriate content. Our videos does nothing but educates people on religion and removes misconceptions about Islam.

And so these scary events has been a wake up call for us because currently our only place to do Dawah is on YouTube and we cannot solely rely on it anymore since it can be taken down anytime. So we need your help in securing our content for the future and slowly move to a different platform (such as patreon, our own website and app where all the videos will be available and where we can upload videos without any 3rd party interference) and obviously we will still continue uploading videos on YouTube as long as it does not get shutdown.

If we can just get $1 a month from all our active viewers, then we will no longer need to rely only on YouTube for maintaining our videos. we can continue to make videos without any 3rd party interference, so insha'Allah other benefits from your donation. Here are the breakdowns:

❱ Hire Professional Website and App Developer (our back up platform in case YouTube shuts down)
❱ Video editor (completes video editing & does subtitles)
❱ HD Stock Footage (we keep reusing same footage over and over again, new footage will help us avoid copyrights)
❱ Buy Professional After Effects and 3D Templates
❱ Hire Speakers To Do Exclusive Talk on Varies Topics
❱ New Equipment To Edit
❱ Buy Vocal Background Nasheeds (with no musical instruments)
❱ New Video Software
❱ And Other Cost Related To Making Videos

Believe it or not but creating professional videos can be expensive and time consuming, a lot of work goes into each and every individual video, such as audio editing and cropping, typing subtitles for 10-15 minutes video, finding video footages for the video, video editing (matching the audio with the texts) rendering and much more

Every single penny of donation will go into securing our content for the future, moving to a new platform and making videos more faster. Insha'Allah the videos will benefit you, will increase your knowledge, will educate non-muslims and remove misconception about our deen and will benefit the 3,000,000+ total people who watches our videos every month. If one person comes close to Allah, comes close to the Deen through these reminders that was made with your donation, then Insha'Allah Allah will reward you for that persons action. It will count as Sadaqah Jariyah (ongoing deeds that will benefit you and others after you leave this world).

If you cannot support us monthly, you can make a one time donation towards our GoFundMe page here:

And for those who claim that Muslims producing content should not accept any sort of funding clearly do not understand how videos are made or the costs that are involved in making videos. The faithless spend millions, if not billions on media because they have understood the power that comes with visuals and sound (Digital media) but some Muslims do not wish for us to excel in this field even though our message is the most important message for all of humanity! May Allah have mercy on them and grant them understanding.

And If you cannot support us financially at all, then its perfectly fine, here are 3 things that you can still do for us that will not cost you a single penny:

1: Share this page with others who can.
2: Share our videos with others, as this will help us increase the chance of getting help from others.
3: And most importantly, make dua for us that Allah allows us to continue to spread the true message regardless of what happens.

If you have any questions about this, just message us through YouTube or Facebook. Jazak Allah Khair (May Allah Reward You) and As'salamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu

Please note that the money you are donating is a gift to us for our hard work that we put in on a daily basis, spreading the beautiful religion and educating mankind with the right knowledge of Islam. Your donation will be used to cover costs, as well as give hadya (gift) to our team.
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This will help us cover the basic cost needed to keep this channel alive, since it has been demonetized by YouTube without giving us any valid reasons.
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