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You live life dangerously, but not so dangerously you're about to buy us a new car. That'd just be silly.
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You like us enough to buy us a carton of milk with the hope it will sustain us enough to do another show or two and we love you for it!

  • Send in a regular SC2 Replay for a chance to get casted once a month
  • Get access to a download link for the official Technical Alpha Podcast Theme Song!
  • Everything from previous tiers included.
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You want to see us eat solid foods more than twice a week. Look, Jeff gets really hangry and doesn't really like milk much. You're doing us a big favor.

  • Ask us a question weekly for the Tech Support segment of Technical Alpha.
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  • Everything from previous tiers included.
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Your friends say you're crazy for doing it, but you do it anyway because what do they know?! Duke Nukem Forever will be AWESOME!


  • Submit a "Hit Me Up With That Noise" for our SC2 casts monthly.
  • Everything from previous tiers included.
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You're that legendary fan that wants to see that the magic doesn't stop happening and we can't thank you enough - but we'll try!

  • Submit a normal game or NovaWar Says to be guaranteed casted monthly.
  • Get sent our Technical Alpha merch pack! Poster, stickers, and enamel pin all included.
  • Everything from previous tiers included.
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You're a strong independent black woman who don't need no man and have the unholy amount of money to prove it. For some reason, our podcast is on your list of favourite things. Tom Cruise really likes you.
  • This is simply for those who are legendary enough to be this supportive. We have nothing but our everlasting love for you and;
  • Everything from previous tiers included.




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Life's a Glitch TV (LAGTV) is the magnificent video game and entertainment gong show brought to you by NovaWar (Adam) and MaximusBlack (Jeff). Since 2011 we've been gifted an amazing community who has tolerated us into our 30s and continues to enable us to create content at least some of them enjoy.

From Starcraft to retro games and podcasts, we're heavily invested in being so divested and too old to know the difference. When Cheese Fails, Retro VS, and Technical Alpha are all here thanks to people like you who keep this dream alive! Thank you!


We'll be casting several normal games and NovaWar Says games each month. The games will be casted as we are able to, and released on the LAGTV Youtube channel when suitable.

When Cheese Fails will be casted and delivered when the active goal is met here on Patreon. Games will be screened and chosen for the series on an as needed basis.

Patron submissions of replays and NovaWar Says are submitted via sending an email to [email protected] with a specific subject line and body. Simply fill out your email as shown below, and attach the replay directly in the email.

ATTENTION: Please submit your replays one at a time. We will not be accepting multiple replays from individual patrons per month. Also make sure that you only send it game types that you are eligible for. Reference the Patreon tier list if you are uncertain! Failure to do either of these things will result in your replay not being casted, so take your time!


We are in the midst of finalizing send outs for Technical Alpha merchandise up until mid-year 2018. Moving forward we are limiting the merch to the $100 tier and also for those who have accumulated $100 of support here on our Patreon. For those who haven't directly entered the $100 tier, we ask you send us a direct message here on Patreon requesting your merchandise with an included full name, address, and phone number! We have made this change because we are now required to ship out of Canada which has dramatically increased the cost of shipping, and it also simplifies the physical goods handling since Patreon has no real mechanisms in place to deal with them.

Follow us on social media to keep up and keep in contact with us!

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$2,420 of $3,500 per month
Retro VS For All!

If we can keep this going we'll be able to produce regular Retro VS videos that will be available to everyone on the LAGTV Youtube channel!

What's Retro VS? Jeff and Adam dig out a couple of retro video games from Jeff's collection and see how they hold up! It's usually a complete mess, but that's par for the course around here and is probably why you're watching in the first place - let's be honest.

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