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About Larry Garcia

Hello, I'm LG and I appreciate you stopping by and looking at my story. The art I create is mostly done in dots all by hand. I have some wonderful ideas to make awesome prints but I need the help to get these ideas off the ground. I need the help of Patreons like yourself to create multiple series of pieces, and in return for each goal made you will get art from that series shipped straight to you! 

No monthly donation, just straight up project to project. Each idea for a series will have a base cost to get started. Some require more capital dye to the materials needed to complete that particular series. Ideas include light boxes, aluminum prints, plexiglass prints, acrylic pouring and resin pouring. Depending on your contribution you will receive a limited edition print or even an original!

Thank you again for the interest and I will personally contact each Patreon that supports me to thank them and keep them updated on my progress. 
$0 of $1,000 per creation
Plexiglass black and white prints aka P B & W prints. I don't want to go haywire with as many of these because it is black and white and may not sell as fast as the color prints.
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