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About L.K. Tuominen

Hi there, I'm Dr. T! 
I am a botanist and Postdoctoral Fellow at John Carroll University near Cleveland, Ohio.  After many years of writing and private blogging, I recently decided to create a space to share some of my thoughts about plants, ecology, and science education with friends, scientists, educators, and other interested folks.  I'm glad you're curious about my work, and I'm excited to share it with you!

Here on Patreon, I will share:

  • Science education blog posts, suitable for a broad audience (always free).
  • Science blog posts related to plants, ecology, and sustainability (patron-only).
  • Original artwork ranging from scientific technical illustrations to abstract, full-color botanical designs (patron-only).
As time allows -- and based on the interests of patrons -- I plan to expand the content.  The existing Goals list some early expansions, and reaching each Goal will unlock an additional one with a new content option!

Why is a science education site privately listed?
Some of my teaching includes topics related to human reproductive anatomy and physiology, differences in sex development, medical gender transition, human sexuality, sexually transmitted diseases, and birth control methods.  Several friends and colleagues have told me that they would be especially interested in educational content on these topics, so this is likely to be the third topic area I develop here on Patreon.  While I believe that anyone with a college degree should have a basic understanding of all of these topics, many people consider some or all of these topics unsuitable for minors.  Putting such materials behind a paywall is my way of limiting that conflict.

Thanks for supporting me on this journey!
Prior to my postdoctoral position, I taught part-time as contingent faculty while beginning my transition.  Faculty working on contingent appointments often face job insecurity and are paid less per credit hour than full-time and tenure-track counterparts.  Contingent faculty also now make up the majority of faculty in the United States.  In becoming a patron, you are helping to demonstrate that contingent faculty do valuable intellectual labor and to support someone who belongs to two groups underrepresented among college science faculty.
$8.10 of $50 per creation
This level of funding will just about cover my monthly auto insurance costs. I live relatively close to work and drive a car with a hybrid engine, both of which help me keep my overall transportation costs and my carbon footprint low.

What's in it for you? I will add regular photo content to the botany blog once we reach this goal!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 6 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 6 exclusive posts

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