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The "Lord Toph Literature Admirer" gets introduced to and inspired by, unique new excerpts, poems, prose, posts & book releases of mine, fresh off the press!   
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As a "Lord Toph Art Admirer," you'll get to see new visual works created, from gesture sketches, drawings, paintings and even illustrations intended for my books for Monté CrisToph Literature, as well as StarField Stories!
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As a "Lord Toph Music Admirer," you'll get to hear it and even see it first here on Patreon!
Lord Toph's music (old & new), in raw and finished form. From rough-cuts, unreleased tracks, new releases and even shared lyrics for archived songs or new music compositions in process; you'll get new Lord Toph music insight here!
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I Am Thanking You In Advance for Your Support

All my life, it has been a feat to uphold and maintain the very factor which defines my existence; that of being an artist. The proverbial, "starving artist" stigma, is something that I have always disdained for myself and I have worked relentlessly in order to be able to transcend beyond this creative affliction. However and from time to time, this plight unfortunately still tends to be a lingering feat to overcome. 
Yet in spite of all the paramount challenges I have had to face, I have still been blessed and fortunate enough to build an immense body of work through artmusicliterature. I believe in creating for the benefit of posterity, and my life goal, has been to build a legacy to enrich the lives of others.

"Splashing Swans" by Lord Toph - Oil on Canvas; 16" x 20," Circa 2010

So many individuals see what artists do, as simply a luxury or an aesthetic medium created as a past time, to please or entertain. Yet they do not realize with real-eyes, just how essential we artists and our creations are and have been to civilization and the functionality of society.
From the Eiffel Tower, Sistine Chapel to the River Seine, artists have forged, shaped, refined and redefined the world around us, in order to provide not only a better place, but a more fruitful state of being for mankind. And be it consciously or unconsciously, we artisans all seek to do this in our own, unique way.

I as an artist, have vowed to devote my life to this mission, through multiple facets of my artistry. With each painting I paint, every song that I compose and every literary work I publish, I aim to enlighten, inspire and even provoke passion. 
Passion, in its diverse emotive facets, provides us with the emotional charge(s) we need to confront our personal ghosts, overcome our fears, discover who we truly are and/or empower ourselves to reach beyond what is typically within our common grasps.

Chae Chaplin the Vampire by Lord Toph

I am now at a point in my life, where living hand to mouth must cease, in order for me to truly manifest into being the creative being that I was put here to be. Artisans need supplies to create, travel to be further inspired and the proper facilitated environment to produce efficiently. I intend to attain these necessities and to give back, not only to the individuals who have aided in clearing a brighter path for me; but to those who are less privileged than me. This is my calling... And it shall be my duty through the power of my creative abilities

Lord Toph - "I'm Here for Yov"

Whether it be an educational or medical institution, an expedition or even an archeological dig, proper funding is the lifeblood to them all; art and creativity should be seen and supported in no lesser light, as it deserves palmary of its successes as well.
Having your support, even in the most modest way, will further enhance my artistic growth as well as my creative endeavors. I will be forever grateful for your contributing to my artistry and will be honored knowing that you are now a significant patron in shaping my history.

Thank you!      

Monté CrisToph
Lord Toph Art
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