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About LPGrodus/FrogFace

Oh Hai there! I'm LPGrodus/FrogFace, a guy from Sweden that does Let's Plays, Gaming videos, Top 10's, streams and more!

Feel free to join my discord server if you like; https://discord.gg/3mvR6VJ

I've been on youtube and creating gaming related videos since 2008 on an old youtube channel but during 2011 I did my very first Let's Play on that channel using a camcorder. This sparked my interest in making more Let's Plays and made me create a new channel that I would move on to when it comes to Gaming related content featuring commentary. I never stick to the same genre or game series so you can expect a little bit of everything on my youtube channel. 

My goal for Patreon is to give my viewers a chance to support me and my content on a monthly basis. This is of course 100% optional and nothing I will ever force you to do. Of course this Patreon page will be advertised from time to time on my various social medias but never so often it becomes obnoxious. 

Now to the various content you can expect on my channel;

Let's Plays
I record games which I play and add my commentary as I go through the game, it can be anything from what's happening to the screen to my reactions, thoughts, humor, interest and other topics. 

How Far Can I get?
A video series where I started up a game from the beginning and played it until I either died once or got a a Game Over to challenge myself to see how far in the game I could get.

Top 10's
A series where I count down various things.
Weekly/Monthly Updates 
I release updates about my channel and life on a monthly basis. Used to be weekly but stopped for a while and they returned in a Monthly Basis instead. 
Best of Montages
A montage which showcase some of the best content from my videos on a monthly basis. 
Streaming Highlights
When i stream there are sometimes funny or interesting things that happens. Those moments get saved and showcased on my youtube channel.

One-Off/Special videos
Various miscellaneous and/or Special occasion videos which I usually just put out one of. It can be anything from me just showing off a random game to a special tag video. 
Subscriber Bingo
A series I started in 2014 where I put up 25 Bingo panels of 24 different games where the objective for the viewer is to vote for 1 game per round to get a Bingo consisting of five panels. These five games in the same Bingo Row wins and decide what five game I will Let's Played the coming year. 

Pokemon Wi-Fi Battles
I play Pokemon competitively every now and then and post my battle on youtube with commentary about the battle itself.

$6.19 of $50 per month
One step closer to my dreams!

Thank you for helping me thus far! 

Doing reviews of newer games is more likely to happen at a more frequent pace. 
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 37 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 37 exclusive posts

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