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Hi there,
I’m a writer by both passion and profession. Growing up an asthmatic only child in a neighborhood of geriatrics, I made friends with books at a young age out of necessity and genuine enjoyment. Since I could form a sentence, I’ve been making up stories - and guess what? Being a writer and being good at storytelling is the one thing about myself I’ve never doubted. It truly lights me up.

Since I also work a full-time job as a senior copywriter, it’s getting more and more difficult to put out books. In 2015, after I was sick of wasting time querying agents, I followed the lead of two good friends, opened my own imprint called Little Tree Press, and forayed into the world of self publishing. I released my debut novel, The Vitruvian Heir - a futuristic, Neo-Victorian dystopia that’s been compared to The Handmaid’s Tale. Following that in 2017, I put out The Clothes That Make You, a coming-of-age set in 1967 New England suburbia that centers around parental loss, unlikely friendships, and sexuality. And just recently, I released my third novel, Heart Like Eyes, set in the present day and following the interconnected journeys of a curmudgeonly bachelor facing a grim diagnosis, his wayward teenage niece, and an adopted boy searching for his birth parents as he gets ready to head to Harvard. 

My books revolve around social issues and are meant to spark healthy dialogue. I have two more young adult series ideas in my brain, a short story collection I’d like to release, and would also begun turningThe Vitruvian Heir into a trilogy, starting with the release of a new 5th-anniversary edition of Book I. This is where you come in, my friends.

The biggest challenge as an indy author is getting my work out to larger amounts of people. Without the funding that a large publisher backer supplies, it’s up to me to come up with my own marketing plan and budget. And, of course, you all understand that the more money you put behind an ad, the more people see it, and the more sales you get - especially with all the new algorithms on Facebook that won’t even show your posts to all your followers.

So, I’m humbly asking for your support towards my marketing budget - for Facebook, Instagram, and Amazon ads, and also placement on Bookbub. This would be of tremendous help to me in getting more sales, so I can then have more of a presence and following to market my next works to. If you’d consider it, I would be eternally grateful. 

I’ll be sharing excerpts of my previous and new work for your enjoyment - and so you can decide if I’m worth sponsoring. 

Thank you, friends. With gratitude, L.S. Kilroy

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