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About Li Song

Li Song Mechlab (LSML) is an awesome and free open source tool that helps you create ‘Mech loadouts for PGI's F2P game MechWarrior Online. It gives you all the numbers and values you need to choose the most suited ‘Mech and build the best loadout according to your playstyle, preferences, environment and role on the battlefield.

So far over 40.000 lines of code has been written by mostly one contributor – Li Song – in her spare time. It has taken over a thousand, and probably more, hours to get LSML to where it is today. Li Song is a professional software developer that writes high quality code and in her spare time she enjoys to spar with the top players in MechWarrior Online.

To continue developing Li Song needs your help to buy some time. The cookies and tea that fuels her development doesn’t come for free, which means that she has to focus more on her day job than working on LSML. With some help from the community she could take some time off and make LSML even more fantastic!

With the recent changes to MWO, Li is busy updating the math and analytical components of LSML. When that is done there are rumours of a computer aided skill planning feature for your 'Mechs and possibly an Android port of LSML. That would be wonderful and we all want it. But that will also take a lot of time and effort, no promises yet. So, how much do you want it?

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 5 exclusive posts

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