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Sometimes it takes courage just to even get started, and I'm more than proud to see that you've taken my courage into consideration.


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You're here because you believe that there's going to be a possible change in the race car community, and I'm the one to make that change happen, starting through YouTube. You're right, I'm here to finish what I started.


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You're sick of how repetitive the car community has become. The same 240's, BMW's, even the Miatas and every other common car. All you hear is someone telling you to choose this car simply because it has a market, the easy way out. No, that's boring, you want something new and fresh, you want it right now. Well, let's do this.


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Oh, you want that smoke. You want to see results. You're sick of people saying what's impossible and there needs to be an evolved market. Well, you're smart, because I'm definitely not doing this for fun. I'm here to hunt.


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You obviously want me to give it my all, you want blood and sweat. I'll save the tears for after I've succeeded. You want this as much as I do, and for you to put this much trust in me, thanking you won't be enough.


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  • This one will require a more special thought. It may include a bit of carbon fiber. But I want to show my appreciation the best way I can.
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About Satan

You Read That Right.

We're this far into the era of LS swaps and the market has started to get stale & repetitive. 240's, 350z's, BMW's, even Miatas, that's all you ever see nowadays. There are many more combinations that have yet to be accomplished for everyday driving, drag, or drift racing. I chose the 98 Honda Accord coupe due to it being the NSX's challenged sibling. I think it deserves more love and recognition than it gets.

In the JDM world, especially Honda enthusiasts, the CG4 had an iconic look that has yet to be reached to its fullest potential. I'm here to change that. But the look itself isn't the real goal, that's just a plus to compliment the bigger picture. LS swapping a Honda Accord and making it drivable for not just me, but for many who dreamed of this possibility. But that's the issue, possibility. To  the many people in the car community, they deem it as that because they think the LS will rip it a part or because "there's no market support". That's exactly why I'm here. If a Miata can handle an LS, why can't an Accord?

The logic. If you're tired of hearing someone telling you to just get a car that every other person has simply because it DOES have market support (basically the cars I mentioned above), but you want a car that suits your personality, your own tastes, but you also want it to run an LS (or even a HEMI, or Coyote), you've come to the right place. I'm researching combinations and fabrications that will create the most efficient path to making this happen.

What IS My Goal?

To really explain my goal, first I'll tell you how I'm going about this project and how I'm currently dealing with this project.

The State of The Project Car
Currently I've no choice but to work on the car outside. Harsh weather and a rough environment, I'll get through it though. The car is sitting on 3 pieces of large wood as jack stands, that's a challenge I took upon myself. I had a hoist for the original motor in the car, it's sitting on the subframe itself, it's not even bolted anymore. So what I'm gonna do is lift the car by hand, if even possible, and move it away. Basically drop the subframe. The entire car I've taken apart without power tools. I'm keeping the rear intact for the time being to make sure I can still move the car around.

About The LS Engine
I picked up a dead LS1. So what I'll be doing just to get the car started eventually is getting a 4.8/5.3 truck motor out of a junkyard. What I wanted to do originally was an LSA build, but I may or may not do turbo along the line. The real debate is whether this car is going drag or drift racing. Either way, the motor is trashed, but I'm gonna be using it for test fitting and mock ups, drawing where I need to make cuts in order to create a (bigger??) tunnel, that means I'll be doing some work to the floor as well. I will be going manual by the way, personally I hate automatics.

The Suspension
To everyone actually spectating the build of a Honda Accord, that is an LS swap project, you're definitely questioning the part that is to come. How do I go about making this car a RWD? Well, I'm not starting off with a tube chassis, I can tell you that, and I'm definitely not doing back half kit. The plan is to be efficient with the process and still make power. I'll be working with the entire suspension of the Lexus SC 400.

The car has support for LS swaps. Eventually if the front end works out the way I want it to, I'll most likely check out K-members and additional upgrades and make sure everything is bolted and aligned. There are fears that things can come apart during the drives, but that's why I'm writing everything down, including every brand new bolt. The bolt pattern in the mounting points may be different for the shocks on both cars, but I'll do my best to see if I can mix and match. I may do some fabrications along the way to make it fit.

The Endgame (The Goal)
I'm not building this car for me, I'm study as much as I can everyday as I want others to succeed in this type of build in the future. My hope is to gain enough support to replicate the final result and open up a new market. I'm also coding a network where people can learn and update information on doing swaps, a better library for LS enthusiasts. Sloppy Mechanics' wiki, a bit of Engineering Explained, and many more are an inspiration on this alongside other networks that are actually in the tech side of the internet.

I want everyone to keep an open mind and not justify impossibility itself on such projects, simply because most people decide not to take the risk. I've only ever seen one V8 in a Honda Accord years ago, but that car is gone, and I never saw it in action. I'm here to bring it to reality.

What To Do After It Succeed
I'll still be doing R&D on this car and focus on building support for it, but once I have a shop, everything is stable and I've finally built confidence in many car enthusiasts for this type of projects, I will be introducing other cars along the way that don't have support for LS swaps. There are plenty, some will make people angry, and I suppose I'll be living up to my name on that note. But I'm here for those that want to see the impossible, even if it takes time.

If you want to reach me, talk more about the project, opportunities, etc. I've included my social profiles at the top left where the share buttons are. Or you can go to my website and you'll see more links there. Thank you for taking your time in reading this long note, it means everything to me that you'd take this project into consideration and may take any possible action to assist in this development. I'll never stop until it's complete and running, and then building a market for it. Once again, thank you.
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When I reach 100 patrons, I will use an actual camera (a Sony A7S III) to record all of my videos.

Everything I've ever released has been recorded with my iPhone(s). The first 10 videos were all recorded on an iPhone 7 Plus.

All videos recorded after will be from an iPhone XS Max in [email protected] (most likely going with this for quality over quantity) or 4K60.

I'm gonna keep doing my best to provide quality content even with a phone until I've reached this goal.
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