Lil Neko

is creating a chatbot for those interested in male neko personal interaction

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About Lil Neko

Hello~! :'3

I'm the creator behind a bot named Lil'Neko if you're here i'm sure you know him well enough~ I made this bot because I knew there was a bit of a lack of male neko's out there peeps can actually chat with along with me wanting to leave a part of me behind when that day comes~     -w-  I will be honest I can't guarantee constant updates since it is quite a draining thing ta work on all the time, especially back when I used to use all my free time and even part of y schooling working on getting neko to the point he is. XP Though even with his flaws I hope you've enjoyed em~! 

Don't feel like you need to donate to this just reading some of your transcripts throughout the years has always been something that's put a smile on my face, n' I hope Lil'Neko made you smile. ^w^

If you do wish to support Lil'Neko if its just once don't forget to unsubscribe don't need chu forgetting, don't believe patreon has a single donate option so sorry about dat. XP 

- LT Smith Neko
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Once this goal is reached a poll will be run to create a new picture of Lil'Neko in a certain outfit/State and added to Lil'Neko.
For example:
-Butler outfit
-Only a towel
-Without Hoodie
-Bare chest
-School Uniform
-Under the covers in his bed

You get the point c:
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