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Thank you for joining the assistant tier! Even one dollar makes a huge difference in supporting THE LAB!


  • Exclusive Lab Store discount codes & limited deals!
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  • Keeping all of our content going!
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If you're interested in the creative process of my art from start to finish, or just want to be more involved, this is the tier for you!


  • Access to High Resolution Digital Downloads of your favorite Characters, Posters & more!
  • Participation in Polls involving the content/direction of storyline in ZORKAMORF & more!
  • Access to Story Boards, Character templates & designs, sketches, etc!
  • Plus everything from the "LAB ASSISTANT" tier!
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About Lushen Labs

Yo! I'm Darius, the main author & artist for ZORKAMORF.

Aside from that I'm often working as a freelance artist/graphic designer; as well as publishing books, coming up with merch for the Lab Store, and running our home site The Lab.

While that's great and all, it does take away from the production of ZORKAMORF & other projects.
With your help, Patreon provides a more stable income for my team and I. This means more content for everyone!

I created Lushen Labs to produce/share my content (and the content of many others soon to come) with the world. We are expanding the team, establishing a foundation for our platform, and providing a great environment where the youth are free to create and express themselves with art through the manga, cartoon & anime culture that so heavily influences them today.

$14.81 of $500 per month
At $500 earned I'll be doubling the amount of content that is already provided!
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