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Cows eat grass and then make manure. So what does that tell you? Grass is very important so don't take it for granted, it only LOOKS greener on the other side.
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About Living Room Production

Hello good people!
How are you?
I’m fine, hope you are too.

I make videos and podcasts that the internet really needs (says my ego). I support this affliction by doing things like, going to work, doing odd jobs, stealing, etc (just kidding about the stealing). The thing is, those things take me away from doing what’s really important- making silly videos and podcasts for me bored audiences.
Thats where you come in. I’m here on Patreon because they provide a way to help you to help me to help you to help me. You understand what I’m saying right?
When you support me on Patreon I get to be more focused and less distracted in making videos and podcasts that will get you more distracted from whatever you’re trying to be distracted from in the first place (I’m so lost).

In any case just trust me , giving is a good thing. It helps you to feel so much better about yourself and I’m happy to provide a means for that through Patreon.

For my patrons there will be some special content of course because I think you are special, well I think everybody is special but you are more special if you are a patron simply because you just are, and the more support you give the more special you really are  and shall be treated accordingly because that’s just how the world works.
But with all jokingness aside (word I just made up), I really do appreciate all.

So thank you, thank you, thank you, and thank you.