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OsDio: Requiem Unrequited follows five Afro-Grecian adopted siblings as deity descendants of the lesser-known gods of Greek mythology. Together, they must learn how to trust each other in order to discover the truth of their origins and why they are facing tribulation during their adolescence. Even though they are all thousands of years old, there is still much to learn about themselves and humanity that they are sworn to protect. The youngest sibling, Akaiyuu is the deity descendant of Dreams and protects the realm of the Unknown. His two older sisters, Aurora (Life) and Azalea (Love/Peace) love and protect him more than his older brothers, Avalon (Hate/War), and Ari (Death). He has been promised as the savior that will prove his worth. However, he is the weakest and most vulnerable as the youngest. They begin to feel emotions that they were never created to experience and it turns their entire existence upside down as they struggle to come to terms with not being the “all-knowing” as they feel they should be as immortals. The journey will truly define their destination as Afro-Grecian teenagers that experience inner strife that is considered normal for mortal teenagers. Starting as a trilogy book series, it will be adapted into a graphic novel, screenplay, and anime in the future.

Funding will cover editing services, creating an LLC in the state of Virginia, concept art illustration, animation, printing, traditional or self-publishing, marketing, and more.

LaLa Leo has been writing since she was a small country girl growing up in southern Virginia. However, she didn't begin her professional writing career until November 2018 at 31-years-old. She tried everything under the blazing sun from healthcare to customer service, computer science to community management, and excelled. However, she began soul-searching for something much more fulfilling. Throughout her journey, she discovered that one thing never changed... her willingness to help people. She found out that she could fulfill her calling best by pursuing creative entertainment.
During her earlier creative growth, she learned to write, paint, and play several instruments including violin and piano. LaLa Leo published her contribution to the Atlantic Island Universe by Fredric Shernoff (her debut publish in December 2019). Alongside writing the first book of her own spinoff trilogy for the Atlantic Island Universe that will publish on May 25, 2020, she is also creating her own magical universe in OsDio: Requiem Unrequited.
OsDio is an epic urban fantasy fiction YA trilogy as an unorthodox coming-of-age story of Afro-Grecian deity descendants. She is also an administrator (and/or moderator) of several writing groups on Facebook including YA Fantasy Readers Skylar James Promo Group, BGBFS Writerly Chat, In the name of nostalgia, and more. Her writing portfolio can be found on Wattpad, Medium, Curensea, Vocal, and Inkitt. She enjoys spending time with her children, traveling, reading fantasy and horror, gaming, watching anime, traveling, and anything that appeases her sweet tooth.
You can find out more about her by visiting her WordPress at Or, you can find her casually hanging out on Facebook at
$0 of $200 per month
When I reach $200, I will begin concept art for Aurora OsDio, resuming character creation for OsDio:Requiem Unrequited, by Middnite Designs. Each month's donation will contribute to the remaining characters (Ari, Azalea, Avalon, and more)!
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