is creating video LPs and discussion about game design.

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You get a credit at the end of every video. You'll also gain access to any Backer only votes.

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You get the 1 Dollar Tier reward, and the following benefit; Every month I'll ask each $5 backer or higher what game they want me to play. This'll be put into a special list that only Backer's can vote on. The winning game will be put into a list, and it will be slotted into the next play through vote slot.

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You get all the stuff the previous tiers get, plus you get to pick a video game SERIES for me to play. I'll alternate between games like usual, playing the series game and than a voted on game. If I get enough of these I'll put it to a vote to see which I'll put up for voting.




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About LaZodiac

Hello, I'm LaZodiac and this is my Patreon. Here on my channel we play video games (currently with text commentary) and discuss the games we play on this forum. We talk about game design, and other interesting fun stuff. I update every Monday and Friday, a full 25ish minute long video plus a write up of the video to incite discussion. Additionally, every Thursday I post a video from my old voice commentary days using a trash quality mic I call Hell Mic, called Throwback Thursday.

Pledges to help me do this will help increase the recording quality, plus open up the amount of and type of games that I can actually play and record. As I get more money per month I will slowly begin to upgrade my hardware so that I can deliver the best possible videos for you guys. Once I've got a solid amount, I'll go back to doing voice commentary. My hope and desire is to do this as a full time job, because making videos like this is a passion. But passion's got a really bad currency exchange rate so I need your help with it.

Additionally, if you don't wish to be a Backer, I do have a tip jar you can donate to instead.
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With 100 dollars a month, I feel like I'll be able to offset the costs of uploading in 60fps and super HD quality. We have limited internet so right now that'ts just not viable, but with 100 extra smackers it could be.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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