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What does it mean to connect with Nature?
What does it mean to steward inner + outer transformation during these modern times of distraction + ambivalence?
What does it mean to meet our greatest teachers + woundings with gratitude- as sparks of change?
What is it that has held you back from seeing that the greatest teacher + wounding lives inside you?

Laura Torraco is a land steward by nature, her calling to the plant beings started at a tender age of 12 when she first started volunteering on a sustainable farm project. The transformation that occured the moment she put her hands into the soil was profound enough that it has informed + carried her work since youth. Working in harmony + living off the land ever since, the earth had profoundly changed her from a disharmonious and imbalanced place over time and has ever since worked to connect people with land, with plants, + thusly with themselves.

Laura has been working with plant medicine for the past 10 years, and only in the last few months felt ready to begin sharing more outwardly the wisdom of that journey. She is an energy worker who dedicates her modality of healing to heal the space between, the relationship between people, person, animals + plants. She commited deeper towards this path when intense childhood + adult based PTSD, as well as Lyme disease took over her life, and truly called her to walk a path of connection + nourishment with a deep focus on the nervous System. 

Aside from her work within + between the spirits of nature, Laura is a poet at heart and offers to her wider community various zines written on topics ranging from poetry to collaborative magazine style works based off writings + offerings in regards to healing. She is Master Reiki practitioner, Yoga Teacher - 200hr, a movement artist, + a registered life coach. She weaves these various aspects into a blend of healing true to her self + path.  

She has taught movement + art as a necessary proponent of healing self, and part of her work includes connecting to the creative spirit. She has offered movement workshops at IHS, and has offered herbal workshops at Herbstalk as well as working through Clearpath Herbals Education in the Pioneer Valley. She works one on one with clients seeking to connect deeper with themselves to activate their own healing, and with the land as a steward of many gardens, restoration projects, + her own projects of growing food, medicine + abundance. 
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Reaching my goal of 250$ allows me to upgrade my online offerings. It would allow me the resources needed to finish the creation of my website Lapinerosewolf, including my online store. This would help in creating a more sustainable model for myself + what I wish to offer. 
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts
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