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Women across the globe are in bondage to religion in some form or another and they have been for thousands of years.

We all know it.
We all ignore it.
Especially the women.

It's time for this to change.

I'm inviting you to support a new form of emancipation:
Setting women free from man-made religion and it's abuse.

It's time for women to get eyes to see and ears to hear. They need to know what is going on. It is time for them to rise up and discover what the Creator made them to be. It's time for them to find the ancient path and walk boldly in it.

All religion is man-made. It was created to be the monster it is. It is doing what it was designed to do. It was designed to hide the Truth. It was designed to keep women (men and children) from knowing how to have life, now and eternally. I already am going up against this Goliath with the name of the Ancient of Days going before me, YHVH Elohim. But I need your help to speak to women of any age, of any status and in any place in life with more energy and power. I want to set them free from the evils of religion. I want to show them the ancient path. The only path that is not man-made. The only path there is off this sinking Titanic.

Your support will help me show women the path that they must take to be set free from the abuse of the religious spirit. It will help me show them what it is that they are to reject and what they are to embrace. Women must find this freedom and understand what their beauty is for. They need the Truth and they won't get it sitting in a church pew week after week...dying inside.

There is hope undiscovered.
There is a path that we must walk.
There is freedom to have.
Especially for women.

Thank-you for your over-the-top generous support empowering me to speak to women and assist them on their journey out through the following ways:

  • Ladies of Teshuvah Private Facebook Group
  • YouTube Video Teachings
  • LIVE Facebook Events
  • Printed Resources
  • Social Media Contact
  • Personal and Snail Mail Contact
  • Online e-Commerce Market
  • Local Workshops
  • National Conferences

As you can see in my goals, as my support grows I plan on doing even more than the above list to serve Yahovah's daughters. Do you want to experience blessings? Then generously support me monthly and watch as the King of the Universe YHVH Elohim blesses you! Your monthly support will allow me to focus my mission and get to the heart of women everywhere and set them free.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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