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About LadyCatieArt

Hi there! I'm a self-taught artist from a teeny town in Wisconsin. I especially love to create in black and white with pen and pencil, but watercolors and I are trying to learn a bit about one another, too.  You may also see some of my modeling and music on here, as Patreon seems like the place to just let it all hang out...

Now, in regards to me, "self-taught" is a more socially acceptable way to say that my creative process is about as ghetto-fabulous as it gets. I MacGyver away in my living room, grabbing different media and miscellany (I use saucers to make a lot of my circles) until what comes out on the paper is a semi-approximation of what it was supposed to be in my head. It's like a minor mania. And I love it.

I adore doing commissions!!! So send your ideas my way!

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