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About LadyDarkKitten_Crafts

This has been an endeavor of false starts and stalls. It started in 2014 when on a whim I bought wire wrapping materials and a tool kit. I had done wire wrapping before but not with the real intention to learn just for kicks. I liked the idea but not the practice, then in my late 20s I was in Ben Franklin's and I got the itch. Looking at all that shiny wire and sparkly beads sparked something. I figured with the internet is should be easy to learn, and if I admit to myself I'm simply better at learning now than I was when I first tried. So I bought the stuff and promised myself that I would only spend as much on wrapping as I was making from it, or it would come from my allowance. Yes I give my self a spending stipend from my day job. Anyway with the help of some friends, and loving extended family I quickly built up a stock of materials. I haven't made any money, its all gone back into wrapping. But I feel like its simply been a slow build to something more. And that brings us to the present, I have store fronts at redbubble, facebook and storenvy, my etsy is in vacation mode at the moment

I neglected this account for a long time, the reason being I didn't really know what I wanted to do with it. Tutorials were suggested by some of my facebook friends but at the time that just didn't seem like the right thing. Now, now I know monthly subscription box like tutorials.
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For little tent that I can set up in the auxiliary green house, right now I have no real work or storage space.
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