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By joining my patron, you're helping make my YouTube tutorials, critiques, art, cosplay and so much more possible! Thank you! For two dollars, I will provide three perks:

  • Discord Link: A link to the discord so you can chat, play, hang out, and express yourself with others in the community, including myself!
  • Activity Feed: Sneak peaks of content I'm working on next and the ability to vote on future video content, and to post to me too! Ask me questions, and critique my work before it's released!
  • Early Access to Video Scripts and Thumbnails: I write the entire script for my videos before I create them, and often have multiple takes of the thumbnails I use. I'll share them here 12-24 hours before posting the completed video for those eager for that knowledge before hand or who'd like a say on the thumbnails!

The Loyal
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Thank you for putting some icing on the cake! In addition to the perks above, I will provide my SnapChat for entertainment, and grant you digital immortality through my YouTube videos:

  • My SnapChat:  Access to my SnapChat! I mostly use SnapChat to post little bits of my day behind the scenes, random selfies, or just to say good morning/night. This is for those who want to spend a little bit more face time with me.

  • Your name in Credits:  Your name, (in-game, on twitch, or otherwise) featured at the end of my videos in credits!

  •  Gameplay/Art Feature:  Have an awesome clip you want to show or a sweet art piece you made? I'll feature it at the end of my video! You can submit this through discord, twitch or DM it to me with solid quality! 

The Favored
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This is the final tier I'm comfortable offering, for those who really want to show their support and push my dreams as well as this community to greater heights. In addition to the perks in the above tiers, for this level of support I will offer:

  • The Favored Role: A special role for all to envy in the discord.
  • 2 Hour Training Lesson:  A 2 hour 1 on 1 session for us to improve your game play per month. We will schedule the sessions together, and they will be done on discord. We can use video or voice, as to your preference. The session will include notes detailing/suggesting changes to your neutral, execution or otherwise just as the match critiques used to include. 

  • A Curtsy with Verbal Shout out at the end of my Videos: Call me old fashioned, but something I've often done to show my appreciation is curtsy, and in this case, I will curtsy as well as verbally thank you at the end of my videos for all the support you've given me.

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About LadyLuckHerself

Hello! My name is LadyLuckHerself, LadyLuck for short and welcome to my little internet domain!

I'm an artist and gamer, with a degree in graphic design. I've always been a Nintendo die hard, and it's gotten to the point that I create loads of Smash Bros Ultimate content and tutorials centered around my main squeeze, Princess Peach on YoutubeTwitch and Instagram

Gaming has been a HUGE influence in my life! I create because of my love for those colorful worlds, and I desire to play, guide, critique and explore aspects of gaming with others! I stream a variety of game (including/mostly Smash Ultimate) on my twitch channel almost daily, and when I'm not streaming, I create video tutorials/critiques or art for my favorite Nintendo games, and I've recently returned to cosplaying! 

The perks supporters can choose from include: early access to scripts, behind the scene media from my SnapChat, Gameplay clip immortality at the end of my videos, or even personal 2 hour lessons in Smash Ultimate!

By contributing to my patreon, not only are you allowing me to purchase better products, hardware and software for my videos, streams and cosplay, but
you're encouraging me to further pursue my passion for gaming, and for that I am infinitely grateful!

Other ways to Support

You are amazing for watching, sharing, or just following my content on any of my platforms, but if you seek more alternatives, consider these:

Joining my Discord
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♥ Thank you for visiting, and may the RNG be in your favor 
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When we reach 25 patrons, I will create my own cosplay take on my favorite alt in existence, Shadow Queen Princess Peach and have it professionally photographed ♥ ♥ ♥

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 7 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 7 exclusive posts