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Welcome to see the first maps of the stories and illustrations that I will publish. I will give you a badge of first readers, a telescope, and a certificate of welcome to the universe that you will meet. Do not worry everything goes in the backpack!

In addition you will get ...

- You see fragments of history and the world that I am creating, a gift of images. So lucky!

First Backpack expansion
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Here you can have extra entry into the worlds, I will give you a key and a badge of first explorers. It is important that you put it in your backpack so they will let you in. Keep it very well!

In addition you will get ...

- See drafts of the world and chronology of the development of history, you will have the opportunity to see how I create all my ideas, plus a gift of images in process.

-You will have the previous rewards. 

Second extension backpack
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 Great you have already passed the next level, that means you have to fill more your backpack, keep these gifts, a folder to collect stickers of characters and a magic chest to keep the secrets.

In addition you will get ...

-The process of the conceptual arts and the story process. You will ask yourself how do I get so many ideas? Here I show you, so get ready!

-You will have the previous rewards. 




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About LadyVi

Who I am

Hello! A pleasure, my name is Virginia, you can tell me Lady Vi. I see that my world has entered growth, I love what I do because everything around me has a design and a hidden story to tell. I specialize in conceptual art and create universes, I write stories that inspire and give a more meaning to life.
In my adventures of creation, I like to be the alchemist, the narrator and the fight with the big monster until reaching the biggest booty, but there is no doubt that the path is the most exciting. I love challenges, and if we compare that challenge with more people better.

You are ready for the journey!

We present a secret to you, promise that you keep it, I am fascinated by videogames and my biggest booty is to create a video game in the middle of my stories at the end. The great surprise is the achievement of rights, secrets and gifts. > w < it's very exciting!

Why Patreon?

In every adventure you have to have supplies, to be able to live in this world of great challenges. The stories I will publish with the illustrations included always take time, your support will be great and it will not be in vain, I want you to enjoy this journey as I do. It is very important for me to share, transmit knowledge, learn and collaborate.
About backpack gifts
The backpack gifts are png images, the goal is that these gifts will help you for future rewards.

Backpack $1

First Backpack expansion $3

Second Backpack expansion $5

Third Backpack expansion $10

Fourth Backpack expansion $20

Fifth Backpack expansion $50

About stories and arts

The story after completion is free for all audiences, will be in two languages, in Spanish and English. I love languages so they are lucky: P, my native language is Spanish so in my social networks you will see publications of both languages. Note: The Italian and the Esperanto are not surprised that they find it sometimes ;).
Each story will take approximately a minimum of 6 months (I write, I draw and I have to be aware of corrections and translations :'3), of course, that you can lengthen or lower the time of the creation of it.

$0 of $500 per month
I will take out all the fireworks from my store to celebrate!
Poster of the story of the moment for all backpackers :3, and extra information of tutorials, you will see, my stories have learning, whether drawing, color or sowing (depends on the story), of all a little >w<. I like to teach and it is a perfect and fun method to give them.
In this part you will have a bit more extra graphic narrative, collectible comic book chapters.
Also, I can improve my UwU computer a bit more.
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