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About Lagotrope

Hello, welcome, and thank you for reading this page. I am Lagotrope, and I work on interactive quests and comics. For those unfamiliar with the quest format, it is similar to a panel by panel webcomic typically with accompanying text, in which readers will suggest actions for the protagonist to act upon.

Quests may involve adult content (graphic violence, nudity, drug usage, etc). The following links lead to my currently active quests, specifically their wiki page, which supplies links to the quest threads/chapters on the wiki's right linkbox.

Fen Quest - A kobold barbarian leaves his familiar life in order to pursue a sense of fulfillment and a rapidly formed, untested love through a kobold empire.
Clamp Quest - A gnoll ends up as a clan's chieftain, and is now expected to act like it.
Unnatural Selection - A massive count of abstractly placed AIs are born into a system that pits them against one another to isolate out the smartest, most resourceful, and frankly, luckiest of them.
AsteroidQuest - A series of misadventures from multiple characters that (mostly) takes place on a remote asteroid that prevents spacefaring ships from leaving.
The threads labeled as intermissions 1-5 and later PoloQuest, feature one highly trained neumono that is sent on a mission to retrieve a valuable egg. Being her first mission intended to give her on the job experience, it is meant to go swiftly and safely. It does not go swiftly or safely.
Story Seeker - A kobold proclaims himself a bard in a grand act of enacting what he thinks a bard should act like. He sets off to search or create stories, and proceeds to survive them in spite of his awful life choices.

Also because there has been some confusion in the past -

NONE of the quests or otherwise finished products will be kept behind a paywall. All quests will be public, no matter what, due to their nature. The only material that will not be publicly available will be patron rewards that are specifically requested to be private by the recipient.

If you've got any questions, then just give me a patreon message (alternatively, I do regular the tgchan irc rooms.)

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