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・Stardust ・゚✧*:・゚✧
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You have my biggest thanks!! 

The first tier for supporting me here on Patreon! 

Becoming a stardust will get you...

✦ Opening to remaining slots for commissions ( after Star Cluster &  Star Party claim ) before I publicly announce that they are open anywhere else! 

✦ Access to finished works, wips and process

✦ Access to polls/suggestion box

Includes Discord benefits
・Star Cluster・゚✧*:・゚✧
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The second tier for supporting me here on Patreon! 

Perks from Stardust will be included with the addition of...

 ✦ Priority to opening slots for commissions before I publicly announce that they are open anywhere else!  

 ✦ A chance at other freebies mentioned in my about section 

✦ Discount rate of 5% towards commission!

✦  Access to high res illustration, wips and process 

✦ Access to time-lapse videos!

Includes Discord benefits
・The Eyepiece ・゚✧*:・゚✧
Limited (3 of 10 remaining)
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A special limited tier! 

This tier will include some perks from Stardust, Star Cluster and  Star Party, but with special access to commission selections that are not available to the public. 

(e.g. pixel icons, chibi paintings, etc.) 

 ✦ The 10% discount will not apply towards these special commission selections, but will still go towards the commissions offered regularly.

Includes Discord benefits




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Thanks so much for visiting my page!
Heyo I'm Lahtirus or Lahti to be short. I'm half Japanese and half black artist who enjoys drawing and creating stories. Even when I'm not posting art on my social media I still sketch a lot of concepts, and hoping to use Patreon to help push my concept to a reality!  My art themes are fantasy and space based in terms of celestial beings and nebula creatures. I also love drawing cute things too!

I'm also currently attending school at RMCAD majoring in animation and I have a little over a year before I graduate! 

Cool. So what are you offering?
As of right now this patreon is a hybrid between my general art and concepts of my comic. With your support you will have access to both. Here is the break down.

Patreons will get:
  • Suggestion Box
  • Access to high res illustrations
  • Process/Speed paint videos
  • WIPS
  • Freebies*
  • First dibs at Commissions slots (with discounts)

*Freebies in terms of free doodles/sketches or even concept of merch turned into enamel pins and acrylic charms. If the freebies are physical goods, you may still have to pay for shipping. 

Comic concept specific:
  • Access to concepts and page wips
  • World building designs and illustrations
  • Lores and species within stories that are not widely available
  • Character creations

Hey so I want to support you but I don't have money to support you monthly. What can I do?
It's cool you can support me with Ko-Fi, or literally follow me on any of my social medias!

I'm still new to patreon so it'll take a minute to get used to this, but if you have any suggestion what I can do to make your patreon experience great, hit me up!

If you do end up joining my patreon, please make sure you're not signing up on the last week of the month! It'll feel like you just got charged double when the new month starts. ;;

Where to find me!
10 of 20 patrons
??!!??!!Thank youu???

If I reach 20 patrons I will add more tiers for new options!
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