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Words and toys and food to fill the void.

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High Gloss
$800 per piece
It turns out that with caps and fees, $600/piece isn't really $600/piece. I'm still making enough on that to be able to fund a decent online magazine in a matter of months, but I would really like to pay my contributors well, start editing with as little delay as possible, and still have plenty of money left over for bills and debts. Also, with this kind of money I could plan for a beautiful print version of Sufficiently Human Quarterly, and put aside money to pay professional artists for covers.
Vacation Fund
$1,000 per piece
Making anything in the ballpark of $1000/piece would mean I have enough money to support myself, have savings, fund a magazine and put enough money aside to actually go on vacation once in awhile. This would be great considering in my line of work, there's no such thing as "benefits" or "time off", so I'm just working all the time in between burning out. Having enough money to take actual time off without stress would be really helpful to me not just financially but in terms of my mental and emotional health as well. It also pays off for you, because the more I'm able to enjoy my down time, the more I have time to read, play, watch, listen and overall learn new things while I recharge. Thinking and appreciating other work is an important part of intellectual/creative labour. This means I can come back to my work with more enthusiasm and insight without running myself too thin.


Hello there. I'm an art critic, artist/designer and writer focused on digital art and play. I've written for Medium's Geek Empire under Stu Horvath and I have been published in Bit Creature, Kill Screen, Paste, Unwinnable, The Arcade Review, Five out of Ten, The Wall Street Journal Speakeasy and Billboard. My work has been featured on Critical Distance numerous times and was featured twice in The New Inquiry alongside other talented and well-regarded writers. I have written everything from essays to short fiction to poetry to games exploring games and art in general as a facet of our lives. Also, I'm a pretty good cook.


Montreal, QC, Canada

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Who I Am


I'm an art critic, artist, designer and writer specializing in digital arts and play. I also edited a book of short stories called Ghosts in the Machine with game critic Brendan Keogh. You can check out everything I've done here.

I also do baked goods. Sadly I don't have a website where you can quite literally sample them (yet) but here's a picture of some granola I made:

And here are some cool glitch art sugar cookies I made for a patron:

What I'm Doing

Here's the deal. I want to write for you. And make art for you. And possibly bake for you. These are my three of my four blisses. And until the time comes that there's an economy for me to lie in bed and eat chocolate all day, I will instead make these things for you for a very reasonable price.

Baseline, I will write 2 average-length pieces per month (which for me is usually between 1,000-1,300 words) for $1 per patron each. PLEASE NOTE that the number of articles I post per month may vary; my minimum is 2 articles but I will strive for 4 per month. That being said, Patreon lets you set a limit on how much you tip me, so you don't have to be charged for all 4 if you don't want to. These pieces can take the form of a personal essay, social critique and/or long-form critical essay of the aesthetics, design, politics and themes found in digital media including small games. I may even post creative writing, like poetry or short stories.

For another $10, I will produce a little game/toy in either Twine, Construct 2 or Game Maker for you.  Because these games can take awhile to complete, I will privately share them with the group of pledgers paying me $10+ one-by-one, as I get through them. I'll try to do one a month but this may vary depending on my schedule. (There won't be any silly DRM business though so don't worry about sharing it with your friends once you have it).

For patrons willing to give $20 or more, I will do all that stuff, PLUS I will send each of you a baked good of your choice, personalized however you like it. Please be sure to send me a message through Patreon or Twitter telling me what you'd like and if there are dietary restrictions I should be aware of.

I will record the Sufficiently Human Podcast with 
Stewart. Right now we're planning for a new episode once every month-and-a-half or so, but we'd like to post more regularly as we reach higher funding benchmarks. You can check out our Mixcloud page here.

Perhaps most excitingly, when I hit +600 I'll be able to cultivate Sufficiently Human into a quarterly magazine featuring art, literature and criticism from paid contributors. I'll debut the zine digitally, but I'd eventually also like to put out a full-colour print magazine that you can have and hold and smell and lick all for yourself, dearest customer. I won't judge.

And Why

The traditional way to do this would be for me to get myself edited and published at an established publication, but I have little faith in the crumbling apparatus of specialized online writing, where the people who would pay creators for their content can't, and the people who can, won't. I tried working in that system for a few years but the truth is, creative labour has been so devalued that the industry simply isn't sustainable for most of the hard-working people involved.

Add to that the fact that there isn't much of a mainstream market for the work I do, be it in the form of  games, writing or other form. And I don't have the startup money nor the fortitude to open and run a restaurant. I would do the work I do for free if I didn't have bills to pay, but the fact is that these things take time and can be very taxing to put energy aside for while I'm also out trying to make money.

So as long as that's the way the world turns, I would rather do the work I love and that I do best directly for people who appreciate it and who want to support its creation.

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