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About Lane Side Reviews

In 2010  when we started this crazy ride we had one thing in mind:  To bring reviews, coaching and more to the Bowling Universe.  Since then we have done a lot of amazing things!  We've been to 3 BowlExpo's, a World Series of Bowling, The beginnings of the PBA League and so much more!  We feel like we've kept our word and brought you the kind of information that WE would want to see.  On multiple occasions we changed the way bowling videos were made, first bringing in multiple styles of "average" bowlers, and then getting rid of the loud music and talking about what we saw and what we were thinking.  This helped give birth to a new age of looking "in-depth" into the mindset of the reviewer, and what they expected.  We can say without hyperbole that you can go back and see the industry follow as we evolved.

However, times change, and we realize that there is more out there than what want, and there is so much more that we can bring to you, our fans!  To be honest, there hasn't been a lot of EVOLUTION in the world of reviews in quite a while.  We've been listening to your feedback (every post gets looked at) and have been working behind the scenes to try to figure out what we can do with our limited budget to once again shock the industry.

**  We want to be up front here:  We are lucky enough to receive 90% of our bowling balls from the manufacturers.  We still pay the costs for shipping, taxes and duty on these items, plus we actually BUY CERTAIN PIECES AT RETAIL when we feel we need to so that we can meet the demand of our fans.  We are also eternally grateful for the support of more than $2000 towards the $7500 cost of the World Series of Bowling adventure and shows.  Every other cost for the show, from technology to travel, has come out of our own pockets.  In the past 8+ years we've spent more than $20,000 to bring you the best show we can and the best advise we can.

So how do we do it?  How does Patreon fit into our plans? 

No, we're not taking Lane Side Reviews Private.  Just the opposite!  We want to grow it!  We want to be able to purchase the equipment that you want to see from the companies who don't believe in Bowling Ball Reviews (We're looking in your direction, Utah fans!).  We want to purchase additional cameras so that we can bring you MORE angles at HIGHER resolutions!  We also want to bring more LIVE STREAMING to you, with both ball reviews LIVE and Live coaching sessions.  We even want to get on the road and start covering more than just PBA events, but events around the world!  Who knows, maybe we will even get a celebrity or two on the lanes.  
And for you knowledge sponges, we also want to start an educational Stream, where we just sit down and talk bowling science, fact AND fiction, and allow you the viewer to guide where the show goes!  100% live and interactive bowling and coaching the likes the world has never seen.

So we are launching our own Patreon to help fund these Projects.  There will be levels. We're going to try to make them super easy to afford, and we'll launch new projects as we get to different funding levels.  Think of it as YOU FANS controlling YOUR CONTENT.  If YOU want Chris Barnes to review a 900 Global ball on a beach in Hawaii than we want to be able to give you the opportunity to fund that (I have no idea if that is even possible, but I'm sure we could find out how much it would cost!!)

So check out our levels, subscribe and support Lane Side Reviews!
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At 50 patrons, we riot!  No, wait, that's not right!  At 50 Patrons EVERYONE will be invited to a "Members only" Patreon Live stream with the whole cast of Lane Side Reviews!  You'll get to ask questions, give us your opintions, heck, you can even make fun of us.  We will even tell you stories about equipment reviews we HAVEN'T posted from the past!!
You don't want to miss out!
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