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LOBarmy - Private First Class - For the low price of 25 cents an episode we will promote you to LOBarmy Private First Class.  We will give you our thanks and access to the Monthly Newsletter.

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LOBarmy - Corporal - For just under $1 per episode you will be promoted from a Private First Class to a Corporal in the LOBarmy.  At this level you will gain access to the LOBarmy Officers Facebook...

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LOBarmy - Sergeant - Now you are moving up the ranks.  At this level for just $1.25 per episode you will be promoted to Sergeant in the LOBarmy.  At this level you will receive a one time thank you...

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LOBarmy - Captain - Making your way up the ranks has never been so easy.  For just $2.50 an episode you will become a Captain in the LOBarmy.  With great power comes great responsibility. All rewar...

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LOBarmy - Major - You have proven to be a strong leader in the LOBarmy and are now a Major.  At this level you will gain an extra awesome perk of getting to see each of the outtakes from the months...

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LOBarmy - Colonel - You've shown how much Bromance you have and have declared yourself a Colonel in the LOBarmy.  At this level you will get mailed a custom USB with the last 10 Draft episodes.  Th...

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LOBarmy - General - You have gained the highest rank in the LOBarmy. You are now a General and wear your Bromance pride proudly. You will be credited on each episode by name (if wanted) and in the ...

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At this level we will work out putting your Ad on our show.  You have a product, a podcast, or anything you want people to hear.  Email us and we will get you set up.