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You've given the story a chance and that's all I can ask for. Your name will be added to the chapter credits as thanks. 
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1) Side Stories:  Gives insight into the heroes. These usually are at least 1000 words.

2) "Documents" and "Files":  Reports that contain analysis of the heroes and their experiences. Can also cover Tess' reports, her profiling of each hero, etc...

3) Volume PDFs:  Access to a PDF of the volume when completed.  It will contain artwork when completed as well as my thoughts on the volume. Form time to time, it may also have artist commentary and other guest commentary. Note that all PDFs have a table of content that be clicked on to take the reader to the respective chapter. 

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There will be two extra chapters released each month in addition to the regular releases. These chapters will be available here before getting released on other platforms. 




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Hey, it's Jie, otherwise known as delta0G, author of Heroes of the Past. Why Lantern Dragon Works then? Well, I've actually written more than just Heroes of the Past and nestle everything underneath the umbrella known as Lantern Dragon Works! Now, mainly this is for supporting Heroes of the Past, but if people find interest in the other stories, then it'll help out there too. 

Might as well give a little background information on myself while you're here. I graduated with a math major, currently working as a tutor, and write in my spare time. I managed to rope Mr. Jacquemart, the artist, into this little project of mine and also a friend known as Computer Three. He wrote Masks (currently on hiatus due to his real life workload), which you should totally check out since it's underneath the Lantern Dragon Works branch. Anyways, after crashing two Google Docs with the story, why not try sharing it with everyone? Thus, the journey began!

Let's break down where exactly your support goes:
  • That sweet, sweet art! The artist, Mr. Jacquemart, does the character portraits and other miscellaneous art for Heroes of the Past. Now, he's doing it free for now, but let's be honest, that ain't right! Besides, it'll give him incentive to improve his craft and boost his confidence. 
  • A more fleshed out experience! Heroes of the Past contains a lot of references and information that just doesn't make it into the main story. Now, these extras can finally be made!

Keep in mind that the artist and I both work so this isn't our full-time gig. Now, it would be nice to devote all of our time to this, but that's not the goal. It's to entertain and provide enjoyable stories along with decent illustrations. Your support will help us out with some everyday needs, but it's not the main source, thus don't feel any pressure. Just pick whatever seems appropriate to you. Hope you stick around and even if you don't donate, glad to have your support!

*Note: Patrons will be charged upfront, you can find out more about it here.

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