Lapis Lauri is creating Gaming Videos & Live Broadcasts

$1 /mo
I will gladly give you a shoutout in stream or in a video! (and of course, Waffle Hearts!)

Bronze Lapisverse

$5 /mo
With a $5 monthly pledge I will create a tribute monument to you in my Hypermine Vanilla SMP world!

Silver Lapisverse

$10 /mo
With a $10 monthly pledge you receive a shoutout, a monument on Hypermine and a spot on the Vanilla Patreon server when it is up and running once the $100/ month pledge goal is met.

Gold Lapisverse

$20 /mo
With a $20 reward you should receive all the lower rewards plus a special reward just for you! I'm thinking something Tailored just for you- I'm a graphic artist by trade and I'd like to offer you ...