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About Lark & Wren

Welcome to Lark & Wren!
We're a humble team of game designers, programmers, artists, and musicians all working together to tell tales through engaging digital mediums. 

The heart of our team consists of Mandy (Lark) and Sean (Wren) Dunkley.
We've both served our time designing, directing, and producing games for various companies, and IPs outside of our own passion projects. But now the time has finally come for us to fly from the cozy nest of employment and dive into the world of independent production!

Previously, we completed our first project; a fully polished demo for an adventure game titled ABRAXAS.
You can play it for free here!:
ABRAXAS employs the exceptional talents and skills of artist Jennadelle, programmer Crystal McNair, and musician Olaf Taranczewski

Presently, we are working on a comic called Woven!
Once upon a time, mages formed a unique partnership with dragons in order to produce feats of magic. The dragons could see what humans could not: the threads which weaved the fabric of reality.
One day, the dragons rebelled before disappearing--leaving the world without sight of the threads, and without magic. 
The story follows a young lass named Ayşe who claims that she is able to see the threads, but does not know how to interact with them...
Woven is written and illustrated by Lark, with  Wren providing the layout and compositions! 

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