Brian Heinz (The Last Angry Geek) is creating comedy reviews of Comics, Dr. Who & Riffing old shorts


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Since Patreon no longer allows me to choose who gets to view my videos I'm including this to let you know even at the $1 level you WILL get early access.

However $2 is my preferred minimum...

GEEK in spirit

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This gets you early access to all my reviews.  You will get to see them at least 24 hours before they go on YouTube or Channel Awesome.

I will also give you a Twitter shout out for your support!

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At this level I'll: A) Give you a Twitter shout out to my nearly 3000 followers when you join this level.  But, I will also FOLLOW you.  Your Tweets will be seen by me!

Plus, early access ...

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Your name will be included in the credits of all future COMIC BOOK ISSUES and YOU KNOW WHO episodes as an official "Patreon Producer" of the show for as long as you remain a patron at this level or...

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Every month I will host an exclusive live webcast/chat for every pledger at this level or higher.  It will most likely be on a weekend afternoon and last 60 minutes.  You can ask me a question; I'l...

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 A card and a print.

At this level you receive your choice of one of four LAST ANGRY GEEK prints: 

-Me in the Channel Awesome movies

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-The Cloaks...


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A head sketch by the LAG

Did you know I was an illustration major?  It's true. Name the character you want from comic books, video games or film and I'll do my best to draw it for you on 8...

Comics by GEEK

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I will produce a single video review based the comic book of your choice.  You choose the story. It can be more than one issue, but I reserve the right to refuse any comic [we BOTH have to agree on...


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I will produce a single video review on the DOCTOR WHO episode of your choice.  It must be an episode that is easily available to the public [.i.e. No "Marco Polos", etc.] and one that I have not p...