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You are one with the Stash. I appreciate your help and so you get to see each video a day earlier than everyone else. Plus I'll send you a special twitter thank you shout out.

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Mustache Buddy. Get access to my Patrons only updates with behind the scenes photos and updates about upcoming projects before I tell anyone else. (shhh!) Get a look at exactly what I do and be in the know about what videos are in the works. Plus you still get early access to all out YouTube videos. 

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Mustache Hero. I'll give you all the fun updates as mentioned above plus you'll get access to a monthly Patreon only Live Stream with me, where I answer your questions about anything from our videos, comedy, movies, video games, film production tips, or you know, we could just chat about how much we love dogs. 🐶

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Mustache Master. You get all the totes awesome stuff from above plus access to the Patreon exclusive Beckerovka Let's Drink episode with guest Sam Willson, my co-host from my comedy movie podcast Let's Rewatch. You'll also get access to all future Patreon exclusive videos when I release them. 

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Mustache Super Saiyan. Laugh Stash is your middle name! Well, not really but you wish it was! You get all the awesome stash of stuff listed in the above rewards, a twitter video shoutout from me thanking you, and you'll get the chance to video chat with me one on one for a half an hour and ask me all the questions your mustache shaped heart desires. Or even pitch me your story/movie/sketch ideas and get some feed back and advice. 




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About Laugh Stash TV

Welcome to the Patreon page for my YouTube channel ! Stay a while and listen!

Since 2013 I've been making nerdy comedy videos on YouTube and have totaled over 13 million views thanks to Stashers like you! However, making videos is expensive and we want to give you more content and better ways to connect with us than ever before. By becoming a patron, you not only help support us in our dreams to make videos for you full time, but you also become a part of the LSTV community! You're like an honorary crew member and your support is essential in the success of our next big video. With your support, we can do bigger projects like web series and crank out more Let's Drink videos by hiring more editors to help out. (You'd be surprised how long it takes to edit those!) We want to build a community here where you can not only connect directly with us, but with fellow LSTV Stashers! 

Just like you, I also have a full time job which limits my abilities to do what I love, deliver laughs to you. Your support means the world to me and I couldn't keep pursuing my passion of bringing laughter into the world without it! Thanks so much! 

<3 Ash
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