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Laughing Gryphon was started by the head of our nonstandard family. All four of us helped create a web comic to tell some of the stories, each of us handling different aspects (drawing, coloring and editing, combat choreography, and webmaster). The webmaster was the first to fall, victim of ALS. The artist was next, victim of death. The two of us remaining are determined to not let the dream die, so I've taken the name to help keep continuity. I'm not the artist that she was, which is why I'm working on rebooting the comic (so the art style isn't radically different suddenly), and will eventually novelize it somehow. The tales will be told.
I'll be posting the comic starting Oct 4 for patrons (Oct 10 for public); the first Friday of the month for patrons, the next Thurs for non-patrons. I'll also post the original artwork she did, on the 3rd Fri of the month, for $5+ patrons.
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Luna Moth
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You've touched our lives, and you're beautiful. Thanks.

Clotho's Thread
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You entwine among our lives, and help us hold together. (You also get early access to posts.)

Graffiti Artist
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Get your name somewhere in the comic, once per chapter! Possibly a bit of graffiti art, possibly not. (Also, early access to posts.)

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Lover of words, and friend of librarians and researchers. ;) You'll get an eBook of each chapter, when it's done (ePub, Mobi, and PDF formats). You'll also get early access to posts (but won't get your name in the comic).

Rod of Lachesis
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You help measure the proper span of days for the life of the comic.

Benefits: Get your name (or a name) in the comic, once per chapter. Also, get a copy of the chapter in ebook form when the chapter is done. (Mobi, ePub, and PDF formats) You also get early access to the comic.

$17 of $500 per month
Enough coming in that we can afford utilities, gas for the car, and some for the food budget. And not have to move! (We've already got rent covered, but without the rest, moving will need to occur, which will slow posts down.)
If this goal is reached, I'll stress less, breathe a sigh of relief, and I'll post either an extra story (all the parts of it, if it's more than 1 part), and one extra picture, OR post two pictures, depending on which I can manage.
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