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About Laurence Manning

Who am I in few words: I'm a young, dynamic and passionate pianist who loves creating music, primarily by arranging and performing video game music for piano. I regularly post my covers on YouTube. While I play mostly video game music, I sometimes play anime, TV series and classical music as well. I'm also Doctor in music, graduated from Université de Montréal :)!!

The reason I am on Patreon is because I need some financial support to achieve a few goals (look to your left) and most importantly, this will allow me to spend more time every week to deliver great content to you, my fans. It's been more than a year since I launched my YouTube page and I wish to sincerely thank you all for supporting me and sharing my content on social media; it has definitely motivated me to create more videos. My new content will be heavily influenced by you, my Patrons. With the rewards system, you will help me create quality content for this community. Now, I need your help to continue being able to give you more quality content in the future. 

How does Patreon works?

Patreon is like a virtual "tip jar" in which you can pledge any amount you want to give me each month. Most importantly, you can get rewards based on how much you'd like to pledge, such as:
  • MP3s + WAVs - from all my Youtube videos
  • Sheet Music - from all my arrangements on Youtube
  • Early access to my videos 
  • Early access to MP3s 
  • Download code of my album "Game Music Piano Album"
  • Personnalized thank you card
  • Possibility to request songs
  • And more :)!

What's my uploading schedule?

My current plan is to release 2 to 3 music videos each month. Creating new videos takes a lot of time, most of it spent on arranging, practicing, recording and editing the videos. Your pledge will help me get better equipment, record an album in a professional studio, film video clips and much more! I will add content and post updates here each week, on Monday. 

As a professional pianist and arranger, I promise to always give you the best quality content I can provide. With your help, I’ll be able to increase the quality of my videos with:
-a better microphone
-a good camera
-better devices that will allow me to live stream my performances
-a better computer to support those initiatives

With your support, I hope to create bigger projects and then be able to offer you more content, such as a professional album (to be released on Spotify, iTunes and Bandcamp). I also plan to produce, with professionals, video clip featuring music from Castlevania (which will be amazing!). It takes a lot of resources to make those kinds of projects. Currently, your pledge will help me in reaching the goals below. 
  • $3500 - I’ll record a professional video game piano album
  • $7000 - I will make a new album project, professionally recorded

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding Patreon, my music, or pretty much anything you'd like to know :)!

Laurence - The Enthusiastic Pianist 🎵🎵🎵


***Complete list of my arrangements / sheet music:
$368 of $500 per month
I will make a new album project, professionally recorded.
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