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Every little bit helps! Thanks for supporting me!
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Thank you for the support. At the beginning of each month, I will make a pin up drawing of a certain OC. This tier allows you to throw in a vote on one of the characters suggested.
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Hatchling tier privileges and a bit more! By becoming a Drake, you will be able to submit one OC suggestion for the monthly pinup. Some conditions apply: it has to be a character you own yourself, or you need to have permission from the owner of the character. If the character you suggest is owned by someone else, have them send me a message to prove they agree with this.




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About Lazy Hydra

I created this page as a mean to help me realize my goals. I would like to one day be able to live of my art and to create games for everyone to enjoy. The main problem is the lack of time I can currently invest in these projects due to having to work full time to pay the bills.

By supporting me, you give me a chance to one day be able to fund my projects, and if enough is received monthly, I might be able to one day work full time on these very projects. At the moment I have a game that I want to make and I will need some help to commission and hire help for it.

Starting small, I have to acquire the assets to make a teaser or sort, so that I can eventually create an Indiegogo campaign. I am still looking for programmer(s) but once I find one or two I'll be able to calculate the approximate budget needed to make this project come true. Depending on how well this project work, I have other exciting ideas for the future, and you, can make them come true.

Thank you for your support!
$0 of $300 per month
A special Thank you drawing for the supporters. if this goal is reached, the extra money will help me ensure I don't have issues paying bills and won't have to worry as much if my tools break or need replacement. This extra money will mainly be focused on hiring the help needed for the games ideas I have.
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