J.M. Coombs is creating Fantasy Worlds to Lose Yourself In


$1 /mo
Welcome, most noble patron. Welcome to my workshop. Please, mind the dragon, she's been ill. Now, where was I? Oh, yes. My eternal gratitude is yours. As an official patron you'll have access to th...

Uncommon Patron

$3 /mo
Mmm? What's that? Basic patron level isn't enough? Ah, yes, I can see you have an eye. Well then, if you'll just step this way, what do you think of this? A little more uncommon, if you'll forgive ...

Rare Patron

$5 /mo
Ahhhh... you want to see around the back? I keep all my rough drafts there, you know — the stuff I'm not ready to publish. Some of it's good. Some of it's not so good. But for someone who really ju...

Epic Patron

$10 /mo
Yes, I did just say epic patrons. You're interested? Of course you are. I can see you eying the artwork all over the walls. You, sir, are clearly a patron of exquisite taste. Err... sir? Madam? Sir...

Legendary Patron

$25 /mo
Oh, wow. I didn't think I'd quite heard you correctly, most noble of all my patrons. Well, yes, of course I'll accept, but we will have to think of something which matches up to the standards of su...